Saturday 27 August 2011

Back from deepest Devon

Exeter Cathedral - One of the most beautiful buildings in England

Back home today from the wilds of the Wets country (yes I know it should be West but trust me, my version is a lot more accurate!) and as usual with a head full of inspiration and, rather unusually, with the time to do something about it! A fuller post will follow but suffice it to say, Bovington was visited, as was Exeter and, best of all, I went sailing for the first time ever on our friends yacht and lunched at sea under nearly a full spread of canvas whilst dolphins frolicked nearby.....

Boy was it wet though - 2 decent days (fortunately including the sailing day) with the rest being progressively worse as the week went on and culminating in a Thursday night deluge (which lasted through Friday) of monsoon proportions.

Great weather for ducks though!

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