Wednesday 17 August 2011

An Unintentional Break

As I have mentioned previously I work as a compliance officer within the financial services sector, specialising in investment guideline monitoring. I ensure that the glamorous and high flying fund manager types manage the portfolios under their control within the terms of both the legal client agreement and the applicable regulations - essentially my role can be likened to that of a traffic warden and is probably about as popular in certain circles!

Not from this Friday though as my contract is not going to be renewed due a company recruitment freeze combined with the effects of the world's current financial woes. This is the downside of contracting (especially in the financial sector!) but needless to say I have a number of irons in the fire and am sure to be back gainfully employed in fairly short order.

To be honest, having a couple of extra weeks at home will be welcome, if only so that I can catch up with a few long outstanding domestic DIY jobs and another sort out of my collection. I have a week in Devon to look forward to (with some real treats lined up therein!) and hope to spend some time considering the rules I want to use for my block project beyond the use of the Portable Wargame.


Tim Gow said...

Sorry to hear about your contract David - I sympathise as only a fellow Financial Services insider can!

Paul O'G said...

Sorry to hear it buddy - I hope that gets turned around soon.

In the meantime, enjoy the extra time with your family and hobbies!

SteelonSand said...

Hang in there, David, I'm sure something will come along soon - and then you'll be cursing the lack of free time - so enjoy it whilst you can...

David Crook said...


Many thanks for your best wishes - it is much appreciated. I am sure that it will be a temporary state of affairs as August is traditionally a lean time in the financial recruitment world due to holidays etc.

I am sure that SWMBO will find me plenty to do so my days will be far from idle!

All the best,


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Darn it the woes of the economy are a bleedin' blight

I hope something turns up

If it is of any consolation the IT sector suffers from the same malaise

Over the last two years although never unemployed I have had to jump from short-term contract to short-term contract

I sense sand in the cogs of the economic machinery

I hope the world start to turn better for us all in the near future!

David Crook said...

Hi Geordie,

There are numerous 'irons in the fire' and an interview next week so I am confident something will turn up!

All the best,