Thursday 18 August 2011

A Moment's Reflection

No news on the job front as yet although feelers are out in various quarters. As I prepare for my forthcoming unemployment my thoughts have turned naturally to what I shall be able to do to fill my time up after the necessary but strenuous and frustrating daily experience of trying to track down some gainful employment has been attended to. There are a number of 1:1 scale painting projects lined up to be tackled under the watchful and vigilant gaze of SWMBO - so there is little or no chance of me escaping them!

Seriously though, in respect of my collection a degree of reorganisation will be undertaken and certain items will be up for disposal as a result. This is not a 'fire sale' as such - more a realisation of what I should be doing rather than what I could be doing! I prefer to offload such excess items amongst friends rather than ebay but suspect that I will be using it for some of the items in due course. I will detail what is up for grabs in due course - probably after my forthcoming week in Devon

From a project point of view very little has changed really, other than the preferred method of execution - the use of blocks rather than figures. I need to work on the rules for use with the ACW and the Balkan Wars - the actual time span covered will be a lot larger than the 50 odd years between these two conflicts - and also to finish the Jutlandised naval rules (still waiting for the magazine!). A further consideration will be the forthcoming Operation Barbarossa I have scheduled for next year. I need to rethink this as I am moving away from using models for land actions and this set does contain rather a lot of them!

On the label front I fully intend experimenting with the side elevation warship designs - my apologies to Dave Manley as the article I thought was his was in fact not! - as I think there is some potential there. I will of course need to finish the ACW models and the Minifigs ships for use with the Mediterranean 1914 set up I have previously mentioned.

It will be nice though, to be able to spend some more time with the family and to attend to all those outstanding domestic wrinkles, as well as being able to address my various projects in a more productive fashion.


Sidney Roundwood said...


Good luck with the holiday and the various projects. In a few weeks, you'll be wondering where all that spare time went!!

David Crook said...

Hi Sidney,

With the list of jobs to do already reaching biblical proportions That will certainly be the case!

All the best,