Tuesday 2 August 2011

Revisiting Jutland and the Blocks of War and dealing with Lethargy

I have had a very lazy couple of weeks on the gaming/modelling/painting front. This is not unusual for me as I tend to beaver away for months at a time and then hit a wall of lethargy. As a result the self imposed deadline of completing the ACW ships by the end of July has been comfortably missed, the naval rules, ship charts and ship specifications have been languishing and the Balkans have been noticeably quiet.

I have tidied up my book case though and so my entire naval library is now on display - the 1812 Russian campaign, Vietnam war and the various French Foreign Legion title I own being replaced by the Spanish Armada, various Pirate related titles and some WW2 titles. I have also had the opportunity to rethink some of my naval Jutland based ideas. I think I may have 'over-egged the omelette' to an extent; I have made the rules perhaps a little too far away from the original idea in respect of complexity.

It is always good when messing around with a rule set to take a few days out from it - it serves to clear the mind and a set can look very different when revisited after such and interval. I will explain further in a later post.

Plans for the blocks are moving along quite well and my only difficulty at the present is sourcing some of the correct sizes. Again, no problems per se - just solutions waiting to be found!

I am revisiting the tank museum at Bovington at the end of the month, together with a number of T.E. Lawrence sites in the immediate area and so I am confident that my creative juices will be topped up and something close to my previously insane schedule will resume!

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