Tuesday 9 August 2011

Telescoping Units

An unexpected but welcome advantage of using blocks for units rather than figures is that they are far easier to 'telescope' in respect of the scale of the units being represented. Realistically an infantry block could just as easily be used for platoon as for a corps depending on the scale of the action being fought. Essentially a block, is a block, is a block. I suspect that this would best be determined at the outset of the action in order to avoid confusion. One thing I will be doing to avoid any scale confusion is to add unit identifiers - the units name and size - to the blocks in order to inject a little personality. Possibly even adding unit flags or standards (grateful thanks to Steelonsand for this idea) to further add to the 'look' of the thing.  I envisage using a roster system for games outside of the realm of whole block casualty removal - for example, the system employed in Volley and Bayonet uses a base as representing a brigade and a typical scale of a strength point equalling 500 men or thereabouts. With access to a PC setting up such things as damage charts or rosters is very simple to undertake. It is very early days with this idea although I intend fighting my first block based action very soon using Bob Cordery's Portable Wargame Rules as a starting point and as benchmark for the mechanics I wish to employ. I will be using the rules as drafted and judging by the various reports circulating in the 'bloggerverse' of actions using them it should be an entertaining experience!
At the time of writing I have yet to decide the protagonists for my play test but suspect that the Spanish peninsula may well be the theatre of choice. This may seem to be slightly odd given that Command and Colours Napoleonics covers it really well but it will give me the opportunity to pick something out of the Osprey Atlas of the Peninsula War. Besides, as I will be using red and blue blocks it seems appropriate somehow!


Conrad Kinch said...

I'll be interested to see how this turns out.

Put in a very good showing at the Redinha today, though I say so myself.

David Crook said...

Hi CK,

The concept is developing rather nicely and I am certainly pleased thus far.

Do you intend to write up the 'very good showing at the Redinha'? I must confess that the Peninsula itch I have is in need of some scratching!

All the best,