Monday 29 August 2011

MGs, Mortars and Anti Tank Guns

From the top row - MGs, AT guns and Mortars

Above are the symbols I intend using for the MG, mortar and anti tank units in block form. They are very simple and suitably generic so will cover a multitude of notional types. The size of the formation being represented will vary according to the scale of the action being fought and this will be recorded on the units roster sheet. The next batch will be of the vehicles and the intention is that two sets of blocks will be used for the three colours featured which will mean that I will have 60 blocks to use - 20 for each.

The rules are gradually assuming a definite shape and I intend, as usual, using the blog as a sounding board for the rationale of the rule mechanics used. They will be simple and fast playing and I am aiming for the all important 'feel' rather than the usual myriad of period specific detail.

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