Saturday 13 August 2011

Blocks along the Mississippi....

Detachments and the optical illusion

Well not exactly but you can see where this is going! I printed off this evening the sheets of labels for both sides  for my ACW river based campaign. I am hoping that having the land side to game will help kick start the ACW ships models  - I still have 32 to finish painting - in order that I might be able to undertake some combined arms type operations.

The sheet of smaller symbols represent a compromise in that by having a little green around the actual unit it gives the impression of being smaller than a regular formation. I opted to do this so that is saves me having to cut the blocks in two. the green is a very close match for the flock used on the Hexon terrain tiles so at a distance the units will look smaller. These units represent skirmish type detachments, dismounted cavalry or command groups.

An imaginative optical illusion but one that works quite well and is easily identifiable of the table top.

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