Saturday 27 August 2011

Block to the Future

Great news indeed as my very good friend and frequent tabletop nemesis, Chris Hardman, managed to acquire a further six sets of the blocks from the Works in Basildon which will mean that my dilemma of what colour labels to use first will now no longer be an issue. I will produce a standard unit mix for the six colours I am using and will then use a couple of boxes for the 20th century extension for the brown, grey and olive sets - this will include MGs, mortars, anti tank guns and vehicles etc.

Rules will be primarily Volley and Bayonet derived with a dash of Command and Colours and a sprinkling of DBA and Morschauser for good measure.

The pondering stage is nearly over so the real work can commence at last!

Many thanks once again to Chris for acquiring the blocks for me - and the quite superb restaurant recommendation for the Bovington trip!

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