Thursday 18 August 2011

A Welcome Surprise and a Minor Deviation

I am now in the position of winding up my activities at work and so able to get home at a reasonable time and not too tired to tackle anything. Arriving in the post this morning was a copy of the defunct magazine The Boardgamer - volume 9 number 1 and dated back in 2003. If you recall I was keen to acquire this as it featured a Mediterranean variant for use with Jutland - including ship types. I am very pleased to have acquired this although it does present me with a problem. Reference is made to earlier variants and rule amendments with the assumption that the reader has access to these. Needless to say, I do not have these but that certainly does not detract from the article - it really is first class with scenarios for the 1914 Goeben adventure and also the French and Austrians.

The magazine also contains an analysis of the Hasbro game Battle Cry! - the original version which is also very useful and informative.

The 'minor deviation' referred to is that I have a change of plan re the colours of the next set of blocks I shall be preparing. If you recall I have already prepared the blue and grey sets and have printed the brown and olive labels. I only have two more boxes of blocks left (moves are afoot to source some extra supplies) and so have opted instead to label up a red set, together with the brown. This means that the olive set (being used for the Turks) will have to wait for a while - or at least until I can get some more blocks from the Works.

The brown set will see service as many things - from WW1 and 2 Russians and British, Bulgarians, Napoleonic Portuguese, American Indians, Afghan tribesmen, Zulus and probably a few others as well.

I will need to produce a set of a light brown/khaki blocks suitable for the Colonial era as well as WW1 and 2 in the Middle East.

"The dreamers of the day are dangerous men...."

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