Thursday 4 August 2011

On the Starting Blocks

Following on from my earlier post I have given some further thought as to the scope and coverage of the unit blocks currently under construction. I have experimented with a more 'gun looking' artillery label and think that I will be able to produce something closer to what I want. I will experiment further with this and see what comes out in the wash. One of the big advantages of using a separate identification label (a white strip along the rear facing edge of the block - visible from the players side of the table only) is that the blocks can be made to represent everything from a company upwards (although you could go to a lower level if need be) so the scale of the game can run from a small skirmish like affair of outposts right up to a refight of Leipzig or similar. I need to formalise my labelling convention - font style and sizes and details of the unit type and size etc, but this will be easy enough to tackle.
I have also given some thought to national colours and also for representing allies and happily Microsoft Paint is very flexible in terms of the palette available so the main uniform colour should be easy enough to show.
Initially this idea in confined to the traditional Horse and Musket era - 1700 to 1900 although I will be using this system for up to around 1915. The mechanised era will need some additional unit types and as mentioned earlier, the symbols will need to be drafted in some fashion first of all.
I have considered Colonial actions featuring native armies and see no reason why they should not be represented in a similar fashion - probably using larger blocks for the massed war band effect.
This is an idea I have been toying with for more years than I care to remember and whilst it will never have the visual appeal of using figures it is certainly a very feasible alternative. My thoughts have also drifted, inevitably, to the use of Microsoft Paint for ships or various types but I have more than enough to be going with in respect of my nautical adventures!

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